June, 2014

Vunerable, Its Just Me NowVulnerable


This is a word that is kind of new to me. I didnt always understand people when they said they felt vulnerable. Its there all the time now and its not a nice feeling. Someone pointed out to me a […]

I’m Tired

Grief has many forms and I never know when it will crash upon me. It hits like a tornado sometimes and other times it is just there anyway, each day is different. When its there it just turns me upside […]

Appearance Deception

For many months I didnt bother with make up or dressing up, I just couldnt do it, I didnt feel like it, I didnt care, I didnt want to and I didnt see the point. Then one night I was […]


I love this song. It is beautiful and sad. We chose this song to be played as the final song in the cremation service and like the other songs featured on this blog, it really does bring me there to […]

So Lonely

Lonely is a word I didnt give much notice to, why would I, life was always full but nothing prepared me for the lonliness of now. When I say I am lonely, I mean I am lonely to the extent […]

Wishful Thinking

This is something that I now know can be in the head of anyone of any age. It is something that has certainly been in my head over the last few months. A child might say, can he just come […]

A Scary Night

6 months on, and it was necessary to call a taxi home on my own. I cant tell you how vunerable I feel in situations like this at the moment. Even situations I would have been in on my own […]