The Dash

I was at a family funeral yesterday. so so sad.  Life is so cruel sometimes. In a conversation with a relative this poem  was mentioned and I heard for the first time that it was actually read by the priest […]

Changing but the Same

Over the last while, I seem to be changing, when I say changing I mean I can now look back and not collapse into a pile of mush. I can look back and feel sorrow, feel loss, feel sorry for […]

There are no words

I am having a bad time this week and as the title of this post says, there are no words for it. Things have changed a little now, feelings of grief and lonliness come in moments, moments that can last […]

Dreams to Remember

I have mentioned to a few that I have not had a dream about us together. Well, thats not quite true, I had 2 but while a body was there,  there was never a face or a look. The other […]

A New Life

One of the most exciting times in our long life together was when our granddaughter was born 4 years ago. I dont think I had seen such excitement in his eyes since our own children were born. He was born […]

Surrounding Space

Over the last few weeks a lot of things have been happening. I am performing as a fully grown up person and to all looking on, I am coping.  Well thats not the case, I feel like a I think […]

Another Time

Its already a time that seems to be far removed from my past life.  When I think about all thats happened to me, I think its all in the present, but its not and while I know this is not […]

A time of turmoil

Over the last few weeks I seemed to have been shot back in time. I am unable to perform the simplest of tasks. I am all over the place. I feel that everything is against me. While there is still […]

The Eve of 2 Years

Well, who can believe that 2 years has passed. It is unbelieveable really. Where did that time go. I cannot remember at least half of it. The first year is just a haze and anything that happened in the second […]

Lucky and Unlucky

The title of this post is exactly what this is all about. When I think of my life so far in some ways I am lucky and in other ways I am unlucky. I am lucky in the fact that […]