My Mixed Up World

Good days and bad days they say, but a good day is yet to come, so it really is a question of the degrees of bad days meaning there are good bad days and bad bad days. In fact this […]

At the end of the day

For some reason the end of the day is different from any other time. I dont know why. When I eventually decide to go to bed each night, its like a mission that has to be done and a certain […]

Lost Adventures

Oh my, its just the pits really. Sleep is a strange thing now, sometimes its a full night, sometimes its none and sometimes its short and sharp. This morning I woke very early after a little nightmare. When I say […]

What day is it?

As Ive said in previous posts, days are all the same, Monday, Friday, Christmas, Easter or just plain ordinary Saturday. This is a major thing and has been there from the start and is showing no signs of changing. Everyday […]

A Sad Day

A couple of times a week I make a journey and its the same everytime. Walk, bus, walk, visit and then home again. Its a short trip and  people are going about their daily duties all around me, traffic, noise, […]

I know how you feel

So many emotions. At last I can now blank out when someone says "I know how you are feeling", unless its someone who has lost a husband/wife,  I do understand that any loss is horrific, and I am not demeaning […]

My Long Journey

I remember the morning I became a widow, a word I am not feeling love for, it was strangely peaceful. And strangely enough too, I didnt wail and rant when it happened, instead I glided and i am still gliding. […]

Vunerable, Its Just Me NowVulnerable


This is a word that is kind of new to me. I didnt always understand people when they said they felt vulnerable. Its there all the time now and its not a nice feeling. Someone pointed out to me a […]

I’m Tired

Grief has many forms and I never know when it will crash upon me. It hits like a tornado sometimes and other times it is just there anyway, each day is different. When its there it just turns me upside […]

Appearance Deception

For many months I didnt bother with make up or dressing up, I just couldnt do it, I didnt feel like it, I didnt care, I didnt want to and I didnt see the point. Then one night I was […]