Remembering You is Easy…

Today my head is filled with memories since I opened my eyes this morning. Today 14th January has slipped by without much fuss the last few years but this year for some reason its very evident. You see 5 years ago today, at approx 11.30pm my life was to change forever. That was the day that a pain caused a visit to the local hospital and from that time on, there were tests, consultations, meetings, treatment, no treatment, time running out and then 10 weeks from this day, an end to the life I had known.

When I woke, my first thought was the date. I opened my phone and the first notification was a poem (below) on Pinterest. It says it all really…. Anyway Im feeling a bit sad today, but thats allowed.

The moment that you left me,
my heart was split in two;
one side was filled with memories;
the other side died with you.
I often lay awake at night
when the world is fast asleep;
and take a walk down memory lane
with tears upon my cheek.
Remembering you is easy,
I do it everyday;
but missing you is a heartache
that never goes away.
I hold you tightly within my heart
and there you will remain;
you see life has gone on without you,
but will never be the same.

Author Unknown


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