That Memory Place

When I say that memory place, I mean exactly that. Its a place that has no directions to, no conscious abode and it has no road in or road out, in fact I have no idea where it is at all. It is a place that only exists in my world and when I leave …

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I’m Tired

Grief has many forms and I never know when it will crash upon me. It hits like a tornado sometimes and other times it is just there anyway, each day is different. When its there it just turns me upside down and keeps gnawing away at me until it subsides. There is no order to …

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In the quiet of the evening, I sit and think of you, Turning the book of memories Of the things we used to do. And as I turn the pages, My eyes are dimmed with tears, Knowing I have memories But can’t bring back the years. A million wishes won’t bring you back, I know …

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