A Sad Day

A couple of times a week I make a journey and its the same everytime. Walk, bus, walk, visit and then home again. Its a short trip and  people are going about their daily duties all around me, traffic, noise, everybody on a mission to get where they are going.

Today for some reason it was sad. From the onset, I was feeling low. I wasnt there if you know what I mean. I was in a place that has come so familiar to me now. I was sad, I was lonely and I was broken hearted. My legs were like lead, they just moved because they know how to. I could say I hate these days, but I cant, they bring me to a place where I want to be. I am in a place where my heart is so heavy, I want to curl up and cry, I want to curl up and say leave me alone world and above all I just want…..

Looking back over the day,  while It wasnt one of my best, and although I dont remember it much, just like always when these kind of days happen, I did it. I got through it. I survived. Thats all I can do when days like today happen.

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