The Advisors

I am somewhat amused by the expertise of people in matters when grief is consuming me. the advise is astounding. To be honest, I am not sure how to cope with this. People ask me if I am  getting out, all the while I am out and talking to them in a public place. Suggestions are varied and you wouldnt have the time to fulfull all the activities that are suggested to me. I couldnt join everything that is on the table. What's gas is some suggestions are for joining groups and organisation that I would have no interest in at any time in my life. There is an overpowering urge from people for me to become a volunteer to almost every voluntary group around. Now, I am all for doing good in the community but volunteering for every group is a bit excess. The most popular words are " you know what you should do"  or another one is " my sisters husbands aunts cousins nephews friend did this and it helped" Grief is unique to every person, everybody grieves in a different way and at different times and at a different rate. It cannot be compared. It is too personal and it is almost insulting to be dealt with in a general way.

I find it that way, my grief is personal to me. My love is and was a unique one. So therefore, it cannot be compared. How do I take that and fit it into a slot that will give a list of ways to deal with it. If only that could happen, it would make things easier but its not like that at all. Again people are trying to help which makes it a little frustrating because I feel I need to stay polite.

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