Another Time

Its already a time that seems to be far removed from my past life.  When I think about all thats happened to me, I think its all in the present, but its not and while I know this is not the case, I am prepared to think that way. What’s the alternative, say it’s not and then what will happen, It might mean I have to move on.

Everyone else appears to have moved on, I appear to have moved on but I havn’ t at all, I am still there, where I am grabbing on to what was, what my life was like and where I want to be. If I knew a way to break out of this, would I take it, do I want it or even if it could be, its not for me. Oh how I long for where I was and how I long for what I had and how I long to go back and be happy.

Life is different, life is strange but above all life is there. I am here, I am different and I will always be different now because I am missing something, I am missing a part of me that made me operate as I used to be. I can never be the same. I am trying to live a new life and although I dont want to, I have to,  so each day I wake up and try to get through it and its one more day further into my new life as a person without my soulmate.

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