I love this song. It is beautiful and sad. We chose this song to be played as the final song in the cremation service and like the other songs featured on this blog, it really does bring me there to the place where the love we shared was real. It was the song played when …

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Only Time

Enya was always a favourite in our house so it was easy to include a song in the funeral. I listen to this song now and it makes me sad but as with the other songs, I need to do it from time to time. It has a certain darkness about it and while I …

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Jealous of the Angels

This song will always be very special to me. It was sung beautifully at the funeral mass and although my memory from that night is vague and I didnt really appreciate the song on the night, I have listened to it many times since and it never fails to move me. It is written and …

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