Lucky and Unlucky

The title of this post is exactly what this is all about. When I think of my life so far in some ways I am lucky and in other ways I am unlucky.

I am lucky in the fact that I met my husband and married soon after and went on and had 5 children. I am unlucky that when the children were nearly reared I lost my husband and am alone now for the rest of my life.

I am lucky that I had a soul mate who loved me and respected me and was nice to me and now I am unlucky that he is gone and I am alone and have to live out my days as a lonely person

I am lucky I have memories of being part of a couple where I was comfortable and safe and loved and I am unlucky now I have to live as a single person with only my own thoughts to ponder on and act on.

I am lucky that I have been part of a family where I could delegate responsibility and feel that I could share everything, I am unlucky now that I cant share and I have to carry the burden of responsibility all on my own.

I am lucky I loved with intensity and cared for with respect and now I am unlucky I am empty with emotion and I have to dig deep for a feeling that used to come naturally.

I am lucky I had the best father ever for my children but I am unlucky that they will not get the love they deserve from both of us as we are now only one.

I am lucky to have had so many years of devotion, I am unlucky it has now stopped

I am lucky I met a nice man who had a big heart, I am unlucky I cannot still feel that glow.

I am lucky that my life had such passion and love, I am unlucky it is no more.

I am lucky I knew someone who made me feel complete, I am unlucky that I am now broken

And most of all I am lucky that I found someone who loved me because I’m me and I am unlucky it had to end….

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