A few years down the road

Its been a few years down the road and like at the start I just cannot believe it, a few years alone, living a life meant for us but now there’s only me living out a life which should have been different. Its strange really that I am sitting here writing this post, feeling ok, …

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Its been a while..

As the title says its been a while since I have posted on the blog. Its not because I have forgotten and its not because I have moved on, its simply because I have been busy and I have had so many changes in my life this year that I have not had the inclination …

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Surrounding Space

Over the last few weeks a lot of things have been happening. I am performing as a fully grown up person and to all looking on, I am coping.  Well thats not the case, I feel like a I think a child might feel on the first day of school. Lets see can I explain …

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Lost Adventures

Oh my, its just the pits really. Sleep is a strange thing now, sometimes its a full night, sometimes its none and sometimes its short and sharp. This morning I woke very early after a little nightmare. When I say little I mean it seemed like a sec and had no conclusion. Anyway I was …

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A Sad Day

A couple of times a week I make a journey and its the same everytime. Walk, bus, walk, visit and then home again. Its a short trip and  people are going about their daily duties all around me, traffic, noise, everybody on a mission to get where they are going. Today for some reason it …

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