Broken Heart

Its been a while..

As the title says its been a while since I have posted on the blog. Its not because I have forgotten and its not because I have moved on, its simply because I have been busy and I have had so many changes in my life this year that I have not had the inclination …

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Changing but the Same

Over the last while, I seem to be changing, when I say changing I mean I can now look back and not collapse into a pile of mush. I can look back and feel sorrow, feel loss, feel sorry for the things I didnt say or do, but above all feel so so lonely. That …

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Coming Home

At the beginning, everyone kept saying I had to get out and about, they were right of course, but what most people dont understand is that getting out and about is only half the problem. Its hard to go out and meet people and not know who is going to talk to me, who is …

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In the quiet of the evening, I sit and think of you, Turning the book of memories Of the things we used to do. And as I turn the pages, My eyes are dimmed with tears, Knowing I have memories But can’t bring back the years. A million wishes won’t bring you back, I know …

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