The Dash

I was at a family funeral yesterday. so so sad.  Life is so cruel sometimes. In a conversation with a relative this poem  was mentioned and I heard for the first time that it was actually read by the priest at our funeral mass. I absolutely have no memory of it.  This morning I googled …

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Lucky and Unlucky

The title of this post is exactly what this is all about. When I think of my life so far in some ways I am lucky and in other ways I am unlucky. I am lucky in the fact that I met my husband and married soon after and went on and had 5 children. …

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The Advisors

I am somewhat amused by the expertise of people in matters when grief is consuming me. the advise is astounding. To be honest, I am not sure how to cope with this. People ask me if I am  getting out, all the while I am out and talking to them in a public place. Suggestions …

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